Getting to know the leaders!

Jn Matulnes Lamy


Mr Lamy diligently oversees and works in close collaboration with all of our departments to facilitate Coding compliance, policies and procedures, laws and regulations, and risk management.
Mr. Lamy’s carrier spans over 7 years. He lead wide initiatives to implement regulatory projects for our agency.
He was introduced to the field of Medical Billing about a decade ago and has since then developed a passion for Medical Coding. He has dedicated his time over the last couple of years to complete his studies in Medical Billing and Coding. He now holds a Medical Coding certification and is a medical coding leader who plays a crucial in our agency. He has the  responsibility to protect the integrity of the data relating to patient’s demographics that are key to claims approvals
He has earned his Bachelor of Arts In law and is fascinated by Political Science. During his free time, he spends it mots reading about Geo politics and watching Historical documentaries, He is an avid reader. He is a very responsible father and always refers his role as a dad as the one he holds most dear. A fun fact about Mr Lamy : he once was a Police Officer in his home Country. 
Hi leadership skills exceeds the norm and he has been and continues to be a tremendous asset to our agency.

Nathalie Agenor


Nathalie oversees the strategic direction of Liaison Center.
Nathalie grew up in and around the medical field, having spent every summer learning how to run her father’s medical  practice since the age of 14. She went on to study Biology at Florida State University to follow in her father’s footsteps but later regained a passion for Health Care Management.
She then  developed a deep understanding of the complexities in managing and growing healthcare facilities for over 20 years. Her  hands-on training led to a track record of success for the medical practices  she previously worked for.
Nathalie  promotes a high-performance culture with a focus on information exchange and service excellence. She uses goal-setting techniques to help clients and their entire team achieve financial and professional success.
She also supports the agency’s consulting and compliance operations and focuses on specific strategies to help facilitate successful outcomes for clients.
Despite the difficulties today’s healthcare professionals confront, she remains steadfastly committed to empowering physicians and facilities to achieve profitability while providing great treatment.
Nathalie is a Certified Professional Biller but in her spare time, her most cherished moments are the ones  spent  with her family and managing the lives of four very active girls! Though Traveling is her passion, she is fascinated by World History  and stays up on all current events. Her favorite quote and the one she lives by, was told to her by her own mother who once said : “The purpose of Life is to heal p others”. She embodies the sentiment in her every day life. Helping others, is what she loves the most! 

Dr. Roland Agenor, MD

Honorary Chairman and Medical Director

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Dr Agenor in March of 2022. Dr Agenor played an integral role in the success of Liaison Center. Under his guidance Liaison Center has became a leader in Heath Care Management Solutions. Dr Agenor earned his degree in General Medicine with a speciality in Onchology at the University of Patrice Lumumba in Moscow, Russia in 1969. He then dedicated over 50 years his career in private practice to improving the health of his community and training future leaders. His career included volunteering in public schools each year, offering free medical for families who could not afford medical care. Driven and unrelenting as a public servant and his passion for improving the community’s health, he never put himself in the spotlight, always emphasized the team and organization, encouraged and mentored others to take charge. Dr Agenor was a remarkable healthcare leader. His stireless efforts spanning over more than 5 decades, along with his teaching and continued guidance in Health Care Management will continue to have a ripple effect at LIaison Center for decades to come. Liaison Center will continue to uphold his vision.